3 Points To Consider Or How To Enter To Private Universities


1. As you work to get accepted into the university or program of your choice, keep in mind that the way to get the most out of your university experience is to better understand how you learn now and how that relates to what you want to learn in the future.


These days this process begins with the application process. American universities increasingly examine your personal essay to get a sense of how you integrate your ambitions, your passions, and your skills into a learning style that fits what they have to offer. 


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Canadian universities increasingly have specialized programs within their more established disciplines. My five-step process will help you identify your strengths, find your passions, and articulate both in clear, coherent, powerful application essays and short answers.


2. In my experience teaching thousands of students at the University of Toronto, most of the angst students feel in their first year of university relates to the disconnect between their pre-conceived ideas about how everything is supposed to be (thrilling classes, immediate friendships, expansive career options) and the reality (large lectures, a feeling of anonymity, little individual guidance). 


The result can range from a loss of passion and below average performance to withdrawal from the academic machine. By honing your self-awareness, the five-step process can help you stay engaged with what you are learning in university.


3. The five-step process can also help you succeed beyond university.


By raising both self-awareness and audience-awareness, this process will help you clarify your personal passions in light of clear career goals, always with an eye toward synthesizing the two so they reflect the sort of integrity that is necessary for a prolonged engagement with ideas and people in diverse professional communities.